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Reminder: HP&GoF Premiere Gathering - New Orleans-Based Cosplay

About Reminder: HP&GoF Premiere Gathering

Previous Entry Reminder: HP&GoF Premiere Gathering Nov. 5th, 2005 @ 11:16 pm Next Entry
When: Nov. 18th
Time: 7pm
Where: The Palace @ Clearview Mall
Request: Please show up in pro-Harry clothing (whether Hogwarts Uniforms, or just merchandise), let's scare the snot out of the new movie theater crew.

It's best if everyone shows up atleast 15 mins early as there'll probably be a line for the showing. This will insure you get good seats and have enough time to get popcorn, etc.

Tickets can't be purchased NOW through movietickets.com THIS SHOWING WILL SELL OUT!!! So get your tickets WHILE YOU CAN! If you have a moviewatcher card, it will waive the "aditional fee" for the tickets. You will need the debit/credit card you used to purchase your tickets to retrieve them at the theater.
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