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New Orleans-Based Cosplay

New Orleans Cosplay Community
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All Members , Moderated
This is a community for New Orleans-based Cosplayers to talk and practice their craft. You need not live in the New Orleans area, but it is suggested that you live in Louisiana (or fairly close by) to benefit from this community. The term Cosplay for this forum will include professional costuming, historical costuming, crossplay, visual-kei, egl, ega, sci-fi, ren faire, fantasy, and the plethora of other things that are costuming/cosplay-related.

This community is rated MODERATE PG-13! Please adhere!


1) No flaming (this includes bad mouthing other cosplayers or posting about a bad experience with a costumer), trolling, excessive cursing, "inappropriate posts", etc.--duh!
2) No pictures larger than 800x600 without an LJ-Cut!
3) If it's off-topic (non-cosplay webcam pics, meme's, a flying swarm of beavers...) KEEP IT OFF THE FORUM!
4) Auction ads are allowed, but they must be for cosplay items or cosplay-related items. (EGL, Fabric, etc. is alright, but your stamp collection isn't!)
5) Advertising other communities, message boards, and websites are allowed provided that their cosplay-related and are only advertised ONCE A Year!
6) If you post something against the Livejournal ToS, then it's insta-ban! NO EXCEPTIONS!
7) The Admin and Mods will decide what posts are deleted based on their own judgement at that time. Should you feel that your post was deleted in error, contact one of the list Admins or Mods to find out for certain---DO NOT POST IN THE FORUM ABOUT IT, IT WILL JUST BE DELETED AGAIN!

Current Admins/Mods:

Louisiana Cosplayer Sites: Note: To be added your site must be an ACTUAL COSPLAY SITE, not a lj, da, etc. account--sites with cosplay sections will be accepted.
-creative cosplay

Communities of Interest:

Sites of Interest:
-American Cosplay Paradise
-Louisiana Cosplay Guild

Local Anime Conventions:
-Mechacon-Lafeyette, Louisiana
-No-Confusion-New Orleans, Louisiana
-A-kon-Dallas, Texas
-Oni-con-Houston, Texas
-Tanuki Con-Slidell, Louisiana